6 Benefits of Hiring a Real Moving Company Vs. A Moving Broker

Moving home is always a stressful experience regardless of whether it is for a local or long distance relocation. Proper planning and choosing the right movers can help make the move less hectic. While moving brokers can seem like a good cheaper option, using an actual moving company comes with various benefits. This article explores 6 key advantages of hiring a professional moving company directly instead of a broker for handling your relocation needs.

Choosing the Right Crew

One of the major benefits of hiring an actual moving company is that you can be assured of getting experienced crew members who are fully trained in proper packing, loading, and unloading techniques. These crews work directly for the moving company and have likely completed many jobs successfully in the past.  

Moving brokers typically outsource the labor work to independent subcontractors who may not have the same level of expertise or care as an in-house moving company crew. Going with a reputable moving firm allows you to choose competent professionals to handle your valuable belongings.

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Professional Residential Movers

Moving companies that offer professional residential long-distance moving services ensure your belongings are handled with the utmost care from start to finish. Working with an experienced team allows you to relax, knowing your valuables are in safe hands. The crew will have extensive training in properly packing, lifting, and transporting even heavy furniture or fragile items. 

For example, proper packing materials and techniques prevent damage to surfaces like wood or glass. Skilled movers can disassemble and reassemble furniture or equipment efficiently. Their specialized equipment, such as dollies, safely bear heavy weights. Throughout the process, you can contact the moving company directly with any questions or needs.

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Efficient Moving Services

Opting for a full-service moving company guarantees efficiency. Experts carefully plan every step to minimize delays. Packing begins well before moving day. The crew arrives on schedule to neatly and swiftly pack the truck. They transport belongings without stopping to optimize time and fuel costs. 

At the destination, experienced unpacking means you can start settling in quickly. Any issues also get addressed rapidly. Say, damaged boxes are repaired or replaced without lag. In contrast, an unprepared or disorganized move risks delays that stall your moving plans.

Protection For Your Items

Reputable movers safeguard your possessions with insurance. Valuable items may be specially noted and wrapped. Coverage reimburses if loss or damage occurs. For instance, a broken television during transit would get replaced at no cost. 

Working with a certified moving company gives peace of mind that your property remains protected. Makeshift or inexperienced help lacks such responsibility and assurances. Documents clearly outline responsibilities and resolutions if problems arise.


Established moving companies operate legally with credentials like permits and commercial auto insurance. Their reliability stems from providing quality service regularly. For example, if heavy rains delay shipping, a trustworthy business reschedules efficiently with minimal hassle. 

Alternatively, individuals working cash jobs lack accountability for unexpected mishaps. Certification means moving companies commit fully to satisfactory and lawful relocation assistance.

Efficient Moving Services

Moving can be stressful but a moving company helps make it efficient. They will pack everything for you carefully and load the truck so nothing gets broken. Then they drive your things to your new home and unpack everything back where it belongs. 

This lets you focus on other parts of the move instead of worrying about how long packing takes or if things will get lost. A moving broker might not find movers who can do all the parts of your move. 
When you hire professional moving services directly, check they offer packing, driving the truck, unpacking, and storage if needed. Big moving companies can usually do all the services needed for a residential or apartment move.


While moving brokers promise lower prices, opting for a true moving company directly provides many intangible benefits worth paying a somewhat higher rate for. You gain assurance through dependable crews, accountability, included insurance coverage and quality equipment. 

Reliable upfront estimates also take out uncertainties. For a seamless relocation, especially over long distances, using a professional moving company delivers great peace of mind at each step. Do your research to find a reputable local moving service well-versed in your moving requirements.


A broker’s estimate may not account for all factors and end up lower than actual costs. A company considers home/move details for an accurate quote.

If using a broker, insurance coverage is not guaranteed, potentially leaving you without reimbursement for damaged possessions.

Brokers use third-party crews so accountability can be unclear. A company takes full responsibility as the main service provider.

Company crews are full-time, trained professionals incentivized to carefully handle goods to keep customers satisfied. Broker crews may lack consistent training.

Hiring a reputable moving company experienced in long haul relocations ensures competence and reliability from start to finish for peace of mind.


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