How To Move Special Items

Have you ever had to move something big and bulky, like a hot tub or golf cart? How will you even get it out of your house or yard without breaking your back? Moving can be so stressful already without worrying about special items. This article will give tips for safely transporting special large items to the new house.

Moving a Hot Tub or Spa

One of the biggest items people often have to move is their hot tub or spa. Moving a hot tub is not like moving a couch! First, the hot tub must be drained of all water and properly winterized if moving during cold months. Next, the wood support beams around the tub need to be removed so they can be lifted. 

Most moving companies have equipment to lift heavy hot tubs, but checking beforehand is good. It’s best to cover the hot tub with a tarp and use straps to secure it tightly to the moving truck. Bumping around could cause damage. Don’t forget to inflate the jets and cover before arriving at the new home! Setting it up may require a few strong people to help maneuver it into place.

Moving a Golf Cart

Golf carts are a fun way to get around large properties, but moving one requires different steps. First, the battery needs to be disconnected before loading so it doesn’t get jostled around. Strapping the cart down securely is very important since it can be top-heavy. Covering it is a good idea too in case of rain or bugs. 

Driving a golf cart onto a moving truck takes some skill since the ramps can be steep. Going slowly is best. Unloading at the other end also needs care since the ground may not be level. Getting the battery reconnected is important so it can be driven off afterward.

Safe Item Mover

Special equipment may be needed to transport heavy items, such as safes. A safe mover dolly is designed to roll heavy safes and distribute the weight for easier handling. The dolly wheels lock for secure transport in the back of a truck or trailer. 

Straps are still necessary over the top of the safe to prevent unwanted movement. Proper equipment can make moving a heavy safe less difficult and avoid injury. Be sure the safe mover can hold the weight of the safe, which should be printed on the inside door.

Moving Outdoor Items

Families often have sizable outdoor furniture like patio tables, umbrellas, and Adirondack chairs that must be moved along with the indoor items. For wooden patio sets, disassembling any moveable parts makes the pieces smaller and lighter to transport. 

Umbrellas should have their covering removed or tied down tightly so it doesn’t flap in the wind. Straps work well to bundle Adirondack chairs together for the truck. Watch out for any bolts, screws, or knobs that could scratch other items as well. Hosing off any dirt before loading prevents messes. Restrap pieces at their destination before unloading.

Transporting Lawn Equipment

Large lawn items like riding lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and weed whackers need special securing for a move. First, ensure all gas and oil are drained without leaks. It’s best to remove heavy batteries so they don’t shift. Strapping the equipment down tight is a must, especially for riding mowers, which can be back-heavy. 

Bungee cords or straps around the wheels prevent unwanted spinning. Don’t forget protective pads under any sharp blades or prickly attachments. A tarp over the top protects from dirt or debris during transport. Arriving at the new home, refill fluids and reattach batteries before firing them up.

Relocating Pontoon Boats

Boats can be challenging to move due to their odd shape and weight. First, all gear should be removed from the ship and packed separately. Turn the boat upside down to drain any lingering water before covering it with thick moving pads or a tarp on the bottom. Cradle systems or covered trailers transport pontoon boats over land between lakes or storage. 

Ratchet straps down firmly on all sides are crucial with pontoon boats since wind resistance is high. Adding sandbags lowers the center of gravity for safer travel. At the destination, flip upright and air dry completely before registering.

Shifting a Storage Shed

Storage sheds are useful for holding seasonal items but a hassle to relocate. First, empty the shed of all contents and clean thoroughly. Dismantling the sides, roof, and doors is best for transport with the lowest profile. Construct pallets from planks or plywood to slide under each section securely. 


Ratchet strapping binds the pieces on top. A dolly system or forklift aids in loading and unloading parts for reassembly at the new place. Secure any overhanging parts of the shed for the truck ride. Rebuilding at the destination may require assistance, but having it in pieces makes the job more manageable.


Moving large items to a new home takes some extra preparation compared to normal furniture. Proper equipment, strapping, and padding help ensure the safe transportation of special items like hot tubs, golf carts, and safes. The following draining, disconnecting, or disassembling tips allow for smooth loading and unloading. Hiring strong helpers and using dollies or carts aids in positioning heavy objects where needed. A little extra time and care makes transporting bulky belongings to the new house a breeze rather than a burden.


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