Why Should Hire a Real Moving Company and not a Broker?

Moving to a new home can be a very stressful process. There are many things to plan, such as packing your belongings, arranging transportation, and ensuring everything arrives safely at the new location. Many people hire a moving broker or a full-service moving company to make the move easier. 

Nevertheless, hiring a real moving company is always better than just a broker. A moving company will take care of all aspects of the move for you, whereas a broker only arranges for trucks and drivers, and you must coordinate everything else. This article will explain what a moving broker is, some benefits of hiring one, why hiring a real moving company is better, and how they can help make your move less stressful.

*Please note that due to the fierce competition in the moving industry, we have to work with brokers. However it’s always best not to have a middleman or third party with their hands in your pocket as you can imagine.

What is a Moving Company?

A moving company is a business that helps people and families move to a new home. They handle all aspects of the moving process for their customers. Moving companies employ trained movers who carefully pack customers’ possessions in boxes and protective pads. They use trucks, trailers, and equipment designed to transport household goods safely. 


Moving companies directly oversee the packing, loading, transportation between addresses, and unloading at the new home. Their trained team ensures proper handling of items. 


For example, they know how to carefully wrap delicate items like glassware or electronics to prevent damage during transit. Moving companies also take responsibility if any item is lost or broken during the move.

Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company

There are several key benefits customers get when they hire a professional moving company for their relocation needs:

Experience and trained team: Moving companies have experience handling home shifting requirements. They employ trained professionals with proper packing and lifting techniques to move all items carefully.

Proper equipment and vehicles: Moving companies own all required equipment like packaging supplies, tools, trucks, and trailers that are built for the safe transportation of household goods.

Stress-free shifting: Moving company movers are responsible for your shifting work. They carefully pack, load vehicles, move to new homes, and do unpacking. This saves you from the hassle of doing it yourself.

Additional value-added services: Most moving companies offer assembly/disassembly of furniture or appliances before and after the move. Some also provide storage solutions if needed.

Insurance coverage: Moving companies generally provide insurance to reimburse the cost of any accidental damage or loss to your possession during transit. This offers great relief to customers.

Set transparent rates: Professional movers provide a clear total estimation of complete door-to-door shifting costs upfront so you face no hidden charges later.

Risks and Problems with Brokers

  • Brokers are simply middlemen who outsource the actual job to unreliable small companies. They have no control over how well these companies perform the move.

  • There is always a chance that the company hired by the broker may not show up on a moving day, leaving your belongings stranded. You cannot hold the broker responsible for such issues.

  • Paperwork handling and documentation are rarely proper when going through brokers. Important details get missed, which causes nightmares about rescheduling. Permits or documents required for interstate relocation may not be arranged on time.

  • Insurance fraud is common with brokers. They underreport valuable items to pay less premium. When items are lost/damaged during the move, it becomes difficult to claim the actual amount or full replacement costs from the broker’s inadequate insurance.

  • Safety standards for brokers who hire cheap labor and non-qualified crews cannot be ensured. Your belongings face a higher risk of rough handling, breakage, or theft without proper packing and loading supervision.

  • Post-move queries get delayed responses or no answers from brokers who operate from distant locations through third-party contacts. This causes stress for customers needing urgent help with claims or assembly issues.

Why is it Better to Hire a Moving Company than a Broker Company?

Quality of work: Moving companies employ trained staff while brokers outsource work. This ensures that experienced professionals handle your possessions better.

Responsibility: Moving companies take full liability if any item is damaged during the move. Brokers will not take responsibility for mishaps as they only arrange third-party help.

Value-added services: Reputed moving companies provide assembly/disassembly, storage, and other extras; brokers usually do not offer such services themselves.

Cost-effectiveness: Moving companies provide all-inclusive quotes, but brokers charge additional commissions, making total costs higher through them.

Equipment and vehicles: Moving companies have their own trucks, pads, etc., while brokers do not, risking unsafe transportation without proper materials.

Insurance: Moving firms cover insurance claim processing themselves, but through brokers, you have to coordinate multiple parties.

Experience: Moving companies have years of expertise, but brokers are only middlemen who know little about relocation needs.


Hiring a professional moving company is better than going through a broker when relocating homes. Moving companies have the expertise to carefully handle possessions, pack different items per their needs, and transport everything safely. They provide complete door-to-door relocation services along with value-added benefits. 


Moving companies also take responsibility if any issue arises, which gives customers much-needed relief and confidence during their relocation. While brokers connect buyers to temporary help, moving companies ensure a smooth and hassle-free moving experience through their trained team. Therefore, hiring a reputable, licensed moving company is highly recommended for quality shifting services and assurance.


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