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  • I hereby agree to the following terms of this general storage contract. We Care For You will store or continue to store my
  • For a monthly fee of
  • , this agreement will begin on
  • . Local and state taxes will be added to each payment. I further stipulate that I am the legal owner or I am an authorized party to enter into this agreement. I fully understand that We Care For You provides no insurance coverage for my items and I must purchase my own third party coverage for loss or damage of any of my items stored on We Care For You property. I further understand that our storage charges are billed on the first of each month with only the move in month prorated from the date of move in. A security deposit may be required. There will be no refunds of storage payments, any move out requests must be made in writing or by calling our warehouse department to schedule the move out. We will make every attempt to provide you with the date you request to move out as long as it's available, the move out schedule is based on our warehouse staff availability. Storage payments can be set up on a reoccurring basis or you may pay using our pay here feature on our company secure website. Any returned payments, will be assessed additional fees. Late fees, collection fees and attorney's fees will be treated as earned rental fees and will be required to be paid before release of any items held by We Care For You. Any payment received after 5th of each month will be assessed a late fee not less than $35.00 and not more than $50.00. Any payment not received by the 15th of the month will be placed into lien status and must be paid via certified funds only. Any payment not made by the 30th of the month will then be sent to collections and possibly set for auction. Please remain in contact with our storage department for any concerns or changes to you contact information. We Care For You will only contact you via phone and email alerting you of any rental payment deficiencies on the 5th and 15th of the month after that we will not contact you it will be your full responsibility to contact us with payment arrangements. 24 hour access is available for outside automobile storage for additional fees. In order to keep our prices low We Care For You may at our discretion move, block or encumber your trailer/vehicle within our secure lot to maximize space mobility.

    I agree Any claims or civil action will only be brought in the jurisdiction of Broward County circuit court.

    By E-signing this agreement you authorize that this is a binding agreement, A We Care For You Representative will physically sign below and mail you an executed copy for your records.
  • By signing this page I agree to the Storage Agreement of We Care For You as described above.

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